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senior1West Michigan Guardianship provides services for individuals who are unable to take care of themselves and have no one else to help them with their daily living needs. The goal of the program is to meet individual needs in the least restrictive environment possible.  Clients may be suffering from dementia or have been victims of fraud, neglect or abuse.  They may also be developmentally disabled or mentally ill adults or any adult who is in a vulnerable or dangerous situation.

All West Michigan Guardianship case managers are certified by the National Guardianship Association, which requires passing an extensive examination that covers every aspect of Guardianship rules and regulations.  Staff members are highly trained and have wide-ranging experience working with diverse populations.

Services provided are based on individual needs and may include any of the following:

  • Budget Management - West Michigan Guardianship prepares budgets for individuals to help them live within their means
  • Power of Attorney - An individual may assign specific powers to West Michigan Guardianship
  • Representative Payee - West Michigan Guardianship may be given authority to receive and disburse Social Security or Veterans Administration funds on behalf of an individual when they have difficulty paying their bills in a timely and responsible manner
  • Conservator - A court appoints responsibility for management of an individual's assets to West Michigan Guardianship to protect, invest and disburse the individual's assets in a responsible manner
  • Guardianship - A court appoints West Michigan Guardianship to act on behalf of the individual and gives us legal authority in decision making for every permissible area of a client's life

For more information about West Michigan Guardianship, contact us at (888) 237-1891 or (269) 934-9333.  You may also call (269) 925-1725 and ask to speak with a member of the West Michigan Guardianship staff.

Additional detailed information regarding guardianship may be obtained by contacting: