Executive Director's Message

Joe Goepfrich 02-2011 - Cropped under 1 mg

Dear Friends,

Have you ever reflected on the summer days of your childhood? For some of us, those memories are of long days when the sun was hot and life seemed carefree. We swam in lakes, walked around barefoot in the grass and drank as much lemonade as humanly possible. As we grew, we discovered that the journey of life is a fortuitous one. And one thing that we can always count on throughout that journey is change. 

Change is constant. It will always exist. It is, in essence, an aspect of life that we must accept and do what we can to embrace. At Child & Family Services, we see change every day. We see it when a family member unwinds for the first time in months because West Michigan Guardianship has helped relieve their stress of decision making for a loved one. We see it when a young woman walks into our Safe Shelter having left her abuser for the first time. And we see it on a daily basis with our adult service programs, through their love of Bingo and fishing and crafting that they can do once again because places like Harbor House, Autumn House and Helping Hands provide those activities and outlets.

But to get to this point of change, one must reach a fork in the road. We have not experienced these life-changing moments with our clients without having been there to help guide them when they've been forced to choose which path to take.

That is often the beauty of change. When we reach that fork in the road, we can go down an avenue that does not embrace change - the one that feels stressful and does not seek help and guidance. Or we can choose the avenue that brings us the most joy.


Joseph K. Goepfrich, CFRE
Executive Director