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Give - What Helps Most

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) Albanian-born missionary.


Donors often inquire about designating their gifts to be assured of the most impact. To assist our generous contributors in their decision making process, below is the CFSSWMI perspective about where donations help us the most. Please contact us if you have any questions.  You may also select the highlighted link to view and print Guide for Making a Gift to CFSSWMI, which includes our current wish lists.

Unrestricted Gifts. These are the most important donations and generally have the largest overall impact. Unrestricted donations in any amount help us address critical needs that arise throughout the year and assist us in meeting rising operating costs that affect all of our programs.

Designated Program Gifts. Donations in any amount designated for general use in a specific program help us provide the best care and services to clients of the designated program. All CFSSWMI programs utilize private financial support to maintain and improve client services for maximum impact and success.

Capital Improvement Gifts. These gifts assist CFSSWMI in the acquisition or renovation of facilities and equipment that are deemed necessary through strategic and budgetary planning. Gifts in any amount that can be applied toward the priority capital needs are welcomed.

Endowment Fund Gifts. CFSSWMI has a permanent endowment fund at the Berrien Community Foundation. Gifts in any amount to this fund are invested. A portion of the fund is distributed each year for use by CFSSWMI. These are gifts that “keep giving” because they always remain invested, generating future revenue that helps provide a stable source of income over time.

Planned Gifts. A planned gift is any gift that is made during lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and estate planning. Donors are advised to consult with their own financial and legal counsel prior to making a planned gift. One type of planned gift that is commonly used by individuals is a cash bequest to their designated charity, such as CFSSWMI.

In-Kind Gifts. Donations of equipment, goods, or services are in-kind gifts. To assure that CFSSWMI can utilize the items or services, thereby fulfilling donor wishes, please see the Give/Volunteer tab on our website to access the wish lists for each program.  New items that are posted on the wish lists are always accepted and appreciated.