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Executive Director's Message

Joe Goepfrich 02-2011 - Cropped under 1 mg

Dear Friends,

Recently I had the chance to read a book titled “Slow Escape - 27 Years to Freedom,” which is a memoir of Lorie Williams as told to Laurel Macon. It is an account of abuse that a young girl and woman endured over many years and the systemic failures of social services to intervene and end what can only be described as a tragic situation. Endurance finally brought a family back together again that was torn apart previously by the abusive and controlling behavior of one man.

If you have ever wondered how it could be possible for women and children to stay in an abusive situation, please read this book. It clearly shows how the actions of one individual seizing total power and control over another individual’s life results in abuse beyond comprehension. For me, it demonstrated the importance of the services we provide for survivors through Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence.

One of Safe Shelter’s role’s is to raise awareness about the crime of domestic violence; to make sure people understand that it exists in our communities and knows no boundaries. It is also important that education is provided on ways the collective community can work to end domestic violence.

As always, we are grateful for the community support we receive at CFSSWMI. Thank you for helping us serve vulnerable people so they thrive in safe and loving homes.




Joseph K. Goepfrich, CFRE
Executive Director